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Our firm regularly represents privately held and publicly held companies whose business enterprises periodically involve them in commercial disputes which are not usually covered by insurance. These often include such matters as disputes over merger agreements, stock purchases, and issues unique to partnerships and limited liability companies.

Commercial litigation is, in its broadest sense, any business dispute that does not involve personal injury, however that term is currently defined by the plaintiff's bar. It can arise not only from contract and certain types of business entities, but also over ownership of intellectual property such as copyright, patent, or trademark. (Just as often, the commercial litigation aspect often requires us to work in tandem with counsel of a highly specialized nature, but who are not conversant with the distillation of those matters into a dispute oriented forum, such as a courtroom or an arbitration.) It is our expertise in being a 'quick study' of such matters, and immediately placing it in the context of how it will play out before whatever dispute oriented forum is warranted, that we believe sets us apart from the churning of litigation that goes on far too often in our courts and our society.

We successfully try or quickly conclude commercial disputes in a myriad of venues. We take pride in our ability to succinctly judge and prioritize the issues in what we call commercial litigation, and make certain that our clients are being guided not merely on what the law is, but on what path we best embark to terminate the dispute at the best possible result. It is essential that the client understand the big picture at the very outset of the case, so that we may accomplish the objectives that are in your best interests.

Our Services and Philosophy of Case Handling

The primary focus of our Commercial Litigation Group is the prosecution and defense of matters, both pre-suit and once a matter has been filed either in court or with an informal overture from a potential adversary. The earlier we are involved in the hint of a dispute, the better we can offer our services.

We regularly conduct complimentary seminars which we invite our clients to attend, as our guests, often to address new issues, as well as to provide an annual update as to the relevant issues confronting a variety of subjects in commercial litigation.

Our philosophy of practice in Commercial Litigation is no different than the philosophy we strive for in all of our practice groups. In collaboration with the client, we want to immediately assess the different factors that comprise the real 'problem' for the client, and then, after explaining the different scenarios and potential avenues that accompany the issue, we want to decide on the best way to finalize the matter, in as efficient manner as possible. In a word, we strive to be solvers of problems.

No doubt, each case will differ based on the facts and the issues presented, but our philosophy is the same no matter what type of issue with which we are presented: We strive to identify the real problem confronting our client, and then to solve it. We know from long experience that this philosophy distinguishes us from so many other law firms, because, all too often, lawyers spin their wheels 'solving' problems that only create larger ones. Our clients can and do expect a different approach from Reminger.

Representative Clients

ChanTest, Inc., Dunn Hardware, Inc., Lake County Probate Court, Marc’s, Mayfran International, Inc., Northern Ohio Food Terminal, Inc., Pepsi Bottling Company, Republic Savings, State Industrial Products, The Lincoln Electric Company, The Sanson Company


Reminger is proud to announce that U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers® awarded the firm with a number of national and regional rankings.  In addition, our Commercial Litigation Practice Group was ranked as Metropolitan Cleveland Tier 2 for 2020.

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