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At Reminger, we value the differences each individual brings to our firm and we appreciate the multitude of ideas that are generated as a result. We understand the importance of diversity and are committed to promoting and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment and community. We firmly believe that having a diverse work force enhances not only our ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients, but also our profession and our community.

In our efforts to fulfill our commitment to diversity, we have established a committee dedicated to implementing initiatives to recruit attorneys from all backgrounds. Our commitment does not stop at the hiring process; we are committed to helping all of our attorneys succeed as professionals.

For more information regarding our diversity committee or our efforts to promote diversity in the community, please contact Gregory G. Guice at 216.430.2227 or gguice@reminger.com.

>Spotlight: Melvin Davis

Melvin focuses his legal practice in several areas including personal injury, employment, government liability, professional negligence, and appellate advocacy.