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The Utica and Marcellus shale deposits located throughout the Appalachian Basin have spurred significant interest from both oil and gas companies as well as area landowners, each looking to either advance or protect their interests pertaining to surface rights and oil, gas and mineral rights.

Reminger's Ohio oil and gas law attorneys are experienced in working with landowners and energy companies alike in order to help realize their goals, whether it involves litigation, counsel, or negotiation.

Oil and Gas Litigation

Our Ohio oil and gas law attorneys develop and execute highly effective strategies for our clients who are facing legal disputes. We are experienced litigators who have helped our clients navigate complex legal issues at both the trial and appellate level, in mediations and in other alternative dispute resolution processes. In 2012, we obtained a permanent injunction against an energy company to prevent them from using our client's surface land to horizontally drill and extract minerals from beneath adjacent parcels, which was the first case of its kind in the state of Ohio. Our oil and gas attorneys are skilled in representing both large corporations and individuals in the following matters:

• Issues pertaining to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing

• Surface use issues involving severed mineral estates

• Abandoned mineral interests under the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act

• Pipeline Rights of way and easements

• Ownership of the surface and subsurface estates in real property

• Contractual disputes involving property rights

• Trespassing

• Surface damage or bodily injury claims resulting from drilling operations

• Investment disputes surrounding the ownership of mineral rights

Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights

Reminger's oil and gas law attorneys are also accomplished in proactively addressing the wide spectrum of issues facing energy companies, surface owners and mineral owners, including:

• Reviewing titles and deeds to determine extent of ownership

• Negotiating lease terms, service agreements and royalties

• Drafting participation agreements and turnkey drilling contracts

• Providing counsel regarding offers to locate ancillary oil and gas facilities on landowners' property

• Assessing property and crop damage

• Counseling on state and federal regulatory compliance

Reminger's extensive experience in Corporate/General Business Law and Public Entity Liability provides our oil and gas law attorneys additional insight into the unique challenges facing this industry. Having worked with matters involving complex land use, eminent domain, and construction and zoning disputes, we are cross-trained in a number of disciplines that impact the outcome of oil, gas and mineral rights negotiations.


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