Reminger Co., LPA attorneys are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest legal news impacting your industry. Below, find a recap of our most read Reminger Reports of 2021 (so far).

In Ohio, There is No Saving a Refiled Medical Claim if Outside the Statute of Repose  

Jan 20, 2021 Acacia Brush Perko reviews Ohio’s medical malpractice statute of repose in the context of  the Ohio Supreme Court case, Wilson v. Durrani. This decision greatly impacts a plaintiff’s ability to voluntarily dismiss without prejudice and imposes severe consequences for medical claim plaintiffs who fail to act in a timely manner. 

Ohio Enacts Employer Friendly Reforms to its Anti-Discrimination Laws  

Jan 20, 2021 Thomas Spyker discusses House Bill 352, the Employment Law Uniformity Act (“ELUA”), signed on January 12, 2021 by Governor DeWine. The ELUA overhauled Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4112, which has been criticized previously for its vagueness and inconsistencies. This bill brings Ohio’s anti-discrimination statute more in line with its federal counterpart, Title VII, and on par with other state statutes. 

OCC Authorizes Use of Blockchain Technology & Stablecoins for National Bank Payment Activity  

Feb 8, 2021 Sean Needham and Zachary Durant review  the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”) initial guidance on national banks’ ability to hold deposits that serve as reserves for certain “stablecoins,” a type of cryptocurrency commonly backed by fiat currency like the U.S. Dollar. The OCC expanded the role of financial institutions by approving their participation in independent node verification networks (“INVNs”) as well as the use of stablecoins to perform bank-permissible functions, such as payment activities. 

Ohio’s Statute of Repose “Means What It Says”  

May 20, 2021 Chad Beck explains the impact of Ohio’s Fifth District Court of Appeals ruling in Mercer v. Keane  on Ohio’s statutes of limitation and statutes of repose. The Court affirmed the trial court’s conclusion that Plaintiff’s wrongful death claim was barred by the applicable statute of repose. 

Evidence of Medical Bills Can Help the Defense Put the Band-Aid on Alleged Pain and Suffering – Indiana COA Says Plaintiffs Cannot Hide Medical Bills to Inflate Pain and Suffering Damages  

Apr 29, 2021 James Policchio and Trenton Gill review a recent appellate decision that has reshaped Indiana’s personal-injury litigation landscape. In Gladstone v. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company, the Indiana Court of Appeals addressed the question of whether evidence of medical bills is admissible where recovery of them is not sought. 


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