New Course Pairs Future Lawyers with Future Doctors

Capital’s newest course, Depositions, takes practical learning to a new level. 

This innovative course teaches law students the basics of interviewing and conducting depositions - skills that make up a large part of many law practices. 

The unique twist of the course, though, is that it pairs Capital J.D. students with medical students at Grant Hospital, who are learning how to testify in depositions and trials.

Depositions are a crucial part of discovery in civil litigation. Attorneys interview potential witnesses under oath to pin down and preserve testimony before trial. Capital’s course combines classroom instruction with practical exercises to teach necessary depositions skills, including preparing deposition strategies and outlines; preparing witnesses for depositions; and conducting and defending lay and expert witnesses. The purpose of the course “is to develop the skills to depose anyone, but arguably one of the most difficult depositions to conduct is with an expert,” Professor Zachary Pyers, L’08, LL.M. ’09, said.

The course serves the needs of both law students developing advanced skills in taking depositions and medical students, who are likely to give depositions during their career.

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