In light of the current events, there has been increased attention on civil rights issues, racial injustice, sexual orientation as a protected class, and general diversity and inclusion principles.  Employers have legal responsibilities under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and, now, due to heightened scrutiny around issues of equity and equal opportunity, employers must be more vigilant than ever in handling employee relations issues effectively and confidently.  Well-written policies and management training will be your best defense against potential legal exposures.  Topics covered:
  • The direct and indirect impact on businesses from the recent protests and riots.
  • What employers should do to proactively address racial tensions in their workplaces.
  • The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision making sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes.
  • What employers need to know about the significance of this decision and how to increase awareness at work.
  • Key Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies every employer should have in place.
  • What to include in an Anti-Discrimination/Harassment Policy and how to consistently enforce it.
  • Why a Social Media policy is vital for today's organizations and how to address employee postings that can be damaging to morale or cause potential legal issues.
  • How training and education will help maintain a high-morale culture and mitigate your legal risks.


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