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Workplace Guidance Webinar Series: Effectively Accommodating Disabilities as Employees Return to Work.

The presentation focuses on the intersection of ADA considerations and return to work challenges brought on by COVID. Discussion topics during the presentation focus on:

  • Navigating the Interactive Process for Accommodation Requests in the Current Environment of COVID
  • What to Consider When Evaluating Whether an Employee’s Request for Accommodation Presents an “Undue Hardship”
  • Factors to Consider When Determining Whether an Employee’s Condition Presents a “Direct Threat” to the Workplace
  • What Every Employer Needs to Know When Handling an ADA Accommodation Claim in the Current Environment of COVID
  • How to Safeguard Your Workplace from Pandemic-Related Harassment
  • Special Rules to Keep in Mind with Respect to Waiver of Potential ADA Claims When Conducting Layoffs and Furloughs


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