Mediation: An Alternative Approach to Estate and Trust Controversies in the Time of Coronavirus
Mediation: An Alternative Approach to Estate and Trust Controversies in the Time of Coronavirus

The impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our daily lives creates an opportune moment to address your estate/trust litigation dispute.  Whether because of the Ohio Supreme Court’s emergency orders extending deadlines and case management orders, or the recognition by litigating parties that there are far more important things in life than being locked in costly and difficult litigation, a unique moment is upon us to settle time consuming and costly disputes.  Often, however, an intermediary (mediator) is needed to help get the matter settled. Reminger’s estate settlement group is available to assist and serve in that role.   

Reminger lawyers have been fighting over estates and trusts going back to 1980, when Leon Weiss (two-time lawyer of the year, Cleveland in estate litigation)[1] started our estate litigation department.  Since that time, our practice group has grown to 8 lawyers who, day in and day out, defend and pursue all types of disputes that fall within the umbrella of estate and trust controversies: undue influence/lack of capacity/exploitation/breach of trust/breach of fiduciary duty/ power of attorney abuse/failure to account/guardianship decision making/ appointment and removal of fiduciaries are examples of the services we provide at the highest of levels across the state of Ohio.  

Like the “State Farm” commercials, over the 40 years of providing full time, high quality, estate litigation services through verdict and appeal, our lawyers have learned more than a thing or two about what dynamics drive these disputes and how to resolve them.   With our deep knowledge and recognized talents/common sense approaches, we believe we can help you settle the difficult estate litigation cases you are handling, and accordingly, offer our mediation services for the cases in which we have no litigation involvement.  

Please contact one of us to explore whether we are the right fit to help you bring your case to closure.

[1] Best lawyers

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