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Reminger provides counsel and representation in a variety of contexts throughout sports related litigation, contract negotiations, and general representation.

We combine our talents and legal skills with the ability to understand the demands facing sports and entertainment professionals to include services relating to intellectual property rights through registration, assignments, licensing, litigation, royalty agreements, and endorsement deals. We understand the challenges and legal needs facing professionals throughout entertainment, sports, and recreational walks of life, and provide clients a vast experience throughout related legal matters such as business formation, contract negotiation, real estate, and estate planning through a broad range of clients at professional and amateur levels, retired professional athletes, coaches, front office executives, and individuals and companies providing products and services within this industry.

We also routinely assist in limited liability entity formation for new business ventures, including for profit and non-profit entities, advising athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and companies in connection with business ventures and contract negotiations, tax implications related to charitable donations, signing bonuses, Workers’ Compensation, and Bankruptcy.