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>Spotlight: William Meadows

Highly honored as a "Best Lawyers Lawyer of the Year" in Cleveland multiple times, and as a Best Lawyer in America and as an Ohio Super Lawyer, Bill has dedicated himself to the defense of hospitals, physicians, nurse and every other category of health care provider.


Date / Jurisdiction Caption Statement of Case Result Attorney(s)
Indiana Court of Appeals
Shreeve v. Muncie Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc.

Plaintiff appealed adverse trial court dismissal of claim based on failure to prosecute.

Judgment Affirmed
Estate of S. Sullivan, v. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, et al.

Defense of wrongful death medical malpractice claim

Defense Verdict
Kentucky Supreme Court
Raymond Hayes & Dena Hayes v. D.C.I. Properties-D KY, LLC and the Nelson Stark Company

Defense of appeal of summary judgment involving the attractive nuisance doctrine.

Judgment Affirmed
8th District Court of Appeals
Elizabeth Tomcho, et al. v. ALTL Inc., et al.

Filing of a Motion to Vacate Judgment resulting in a reversal of a $6 million default judgment against a truck driver in a multi-vehicle accident

Result: Judgment Reversed and Remanded

Judgment Reversed and Remanded
Geauga - Probate
Institutional Trustee Client v. v. Thomas Pierce, et al

Following bench trial to the Probate Judge, successfully obtained court order, over beneficiary’s objection, a) approving institutional Trustee’s accounting and b) releasing Trustee for its conduct including payment of fiduciary fees and its litigation attorney fees, and for making loan to beneficiary secured by beneficiary’s fraudulent representation to the institutional Trustee.

Favorable Judgment
Michelle Murphy v. MAC Cosmetics

Arbitration defense of personal injuries related to negligent application of cosmetics by an employee.

Finding For Defendant
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio
Maxum Indemnity Co. v. National Condo & Apartment Insurance Group, et al.

Obtained a judgment in the amount of $3 million in an insurance coverage dispute.

Judgment Granted
D. Hagen v. Atta Asef, DPM

Defense of podiatric malpractice claim of unnecessary surgery

Defense Verdict
Kentucky Court of Appeals Opinion
R. Beier v. New Falls Corporation

Plaintiff appeals adverse trial court judgment regarding non-wage garnishment

Judgment Affirmed
6th Appellate Dist
Kirk Halliday, Ph.D. v. The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa Counties  

Plaintiff appealed adverse trial result in wrongful termination case

Judgment Affirmed
D. Isbell v. Dollar General

Defense of premises liability personal injury claim

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
1st Appellate District (Hamilton County)
Charles Patterson, et al. v. Adelta, Inc.

Appeal of summary judgment in premises liability case involving inherently dangerous work.

Summary Judgment Affirmed
Koger v. Wal-Mart

Defense of personal injury slip and fall in restroom

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
Lucas County Court of Common Pleas
C. Holman v. Columbia Gas of Ohio, Miller Pipeline Corporation and Perciles Grivanos

Defense of personal injury and property damage claim and alleged negligence, assault and battery and conversion.

Directed Verdict
Franklin County Court of Common Pleas
Henry Dean Adkins, Sr. v. MedCentral Health System, et al. 

Defense of medical malpractice claim for alleged failure to diagnose subdural hematoma.

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
Marle Ray v. Wal-Mart Auto Care

Arbitration defense of property damage claim

Finding For Defendant
E/O Cannon v. Marymount Hospital

Defense of emergency room wrongful death claim involving drug overdose

Defense Verdict
Howard County, Indiana
E/Of Lillian Smith v. Indiana Heartland Federal Credit Union

Defense of negligence deception, and criminal conversion, alleging that the estate was entitled to punitive damages based on transfer of decedent’s funds

Defense Verdict
U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio
K. Brown v. J. Evans, D. Calabrese and P. Conn

Defense of legal malpractice case alleging conspiracy

Motion to Dismiss Granted
Jefferson, KY
R. Campbell v. Allied Ready Mix

Defense of property damage claim

Directed Verdict
Lake Superior Court
Charles S. Wilson v. Frankie’s Auto Sales

Arbitration defense of Consumer Sales Practices Act violation allegations against selling car dealer

Finding For Defendant
Hodoh v. Thistledown Racetrack, LLC

Defense of premises liability action

Motion for Summary Judgment (Oral Argument)
Kirner v. Universal Truckload and Dwayne Gilson

Arbitration defense of personal injuries and property damage resulting from an automobile accident

Defense Verdict
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company and Texas Roadhouse v. AA Fire Protection

Fire subrogation property damage claim

Defense Verdict
Ohio Supreme Court
P. Portee v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Defendants appealed adverse Court of Appeal decision reversing summary judgment based on statute of limitations.

Judgment Reversed
E/O Porter v Firelands Regional Medical Center

Defense of wrongful death claim involving a terminal airway obstruction resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest. 

Plaintiff Verdict
Gugliotta v. Kelbach

Arbitration defense of property damage claim arising out of alleged golf cart operational negligence

Finding For Defendant
Scott E. Buck, et al. v. Akron General Medical Center, et al.

Defense of medical malpractice in alleged missed diagnosis of stroke

Defense Verdict
Osborne, et al. v. Mercy Health, et al.

Defense of medical malpractice claim arising from abdominal hysterectomy

Defense Verdict
8th Appellate Dist
Elsner v. Birchall, M.D.

Appeal of Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict

Judgment Affirmed
Randy Dean Sr. v. Allstate Insurance Agency – Bill Farmakidis

Defense of insurance agent E&O claim

Motion for Judgment on Pleadings Granted
Mackenzy Cook v. EMH Regional Medical Center, et al.

Defense of medical malpractice claim involving shoulder dystocia during delivery resulting in a permanent brachial plexus injury

Defense Verdict
Court of Appeals, Third Appellate District Union County
Betty Oliver v. City of Marysville

Defense of appeal against declaratory judgment and injunctive relief action decision from trial court.

Judgment Affirmed
B. Kinebrew v. G. Noffsinger

Arbitration defense of pro se plaintiff property damage claim

Finding For Defendant
Ohio Supreme Court
Elliott Thomas v. Smith, et al.   Ohio Supreme Court Slip Op. No. 2018-Ohio-1783

Spoliation of Evidence Claim Must Require Physical Handling of the Evidence and Mere Delay in Producing the Evidence is not Actionable Under the Independent Tort of Intentional Spoliation of Evidence

Summary Judgment Granted
Cuyahoga - Probate
Lee v. Lee

Obtained summary judgment for Plaintiff on will contest complaint thereby invalidating decedent’s Last Will and Testament.

Summary Judgment Granted
5th Appellate Dist
Aljaberi v. Neurocare

Defendant appealed adverse trial court’s order compelling a physicians group to produce Ohio State Medical Board reports that are statutorily protected from disclosure.


Reversed and Remanded
6th Appellate District, Ottawa County
Cindy A. Caruso, et al. v. Erie Shoreline Properties LLC et al.Judgment Affirmed
Ohio Supreme Court
Christopher Plank, Administrator of the Estate of Monica Plank v. City of Bellefontaine and City of Bellefontaine Water Department  

Defense of municipality in wrongful death case

Defense Ruling Upheld
Margaret Milatz v. Loud and Clear, Inc., et al.

Defense of claim alleging improper installation of ramp at an annual outdoor festival, which resulted in physical injury to plaintiff.

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
Estate of Dorothy Rayburn, Deceased vs. Lawand Saadulah, MD

Defense of medical malpractice intensive care unit claim

Defense Verdict
Kentucky Dept of Workers Claims
Angela Smith v. Crosswater Canyon

Defense of workers' compensation claim seeking permanent income and medical benefits, including coverage of surgery, for an alleged work-related knee injury.  

Claim Dismissed
Porter County Superior Court Valparaiso, Indiana
Raymond E. Olson v. Partners Management Company, LLC

Defense of property owner in suit alleging liability for damages resulting in substantial personal injuries.

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
Porter County, IN
Raymond E. Olson v. Partners Management Company, LLC

Defense of secondary workers’ comp. claim against insured in catastrophic injury case

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
J. Winston, et al. v. R.  Kutsikovich and Premier Dental

Defense of dental malpractice claim alleging chronic pain from implants and overdentures

Defense Verdict
Kentucky Dept of Workers Claims
Nancy Bainer v. Sinkula Investments

Claimant was seeking income and medical benefits, including chiropractic treatment, as a result of back pain following an incident. Defense was able to secure complete dismissal with favorable causation opinion from treating physician, avoiding expense of an IME.

Claim Dismissed
Delaware County, IN
Ryan E. Shreeve v. Muncie Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc., Stephen Deanda

Successfully obtained dismissal of a suit filed against client car dealership.  

Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Granted
Jefferson County, KY
Beasey v. Able Construction Co.

Defense of construction liability and personal injury claim, resulting in a jury verdict that was $562,000 less than the damages originally requested by the plaintiff

Favorable Outcome
USDC, Bankruptcy
L. Wohleber v. L. Gentile, et al.

Defense of legal professional liability in domestic relations matter

Directed Verdict
Miller v. Firelands Regional Medical Center

Defense of alleged negligent recredentialing a foot surgeon in performing 32 unnecessary surgeries

Defense Verdict
Ohio Supreme Court
In Re: Dove Le Moor

Motion to Dismiss Writ of Mandamus granted in favor of client in defense of professional liability claim.

Motion to Dismiss Writ of Mandamus Granted
C. Robinson v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, et al.

Defense of a gynecologic surgeon performing robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy leading to permanent injury

Defense Verdict
11th Appellate Dist
Paolucci v. Morgan

Dismissal of a negligence claim against a stable owner for injuries to two horses

Dismissal of Claim
Montgomery County Common Pleas
Douglas Current v. FedEx Freight, Inc.

Defense of workers' compensation claim involving fusion surgery and permanent inability to work

Defense Verdict
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division
Christopher Dyer v. Thorntons Inc.

Defense of convenience store in premises liability case alleging slip and fall on ice resulting in personal injuries.

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
6th District Court of Appeals
Gaye Lynn Harris-Miles, et al. v. Lakewood Hospital, et al.

Defense of medical malpractice appeal

Judgment Affirmed
Argie et al v. Powall, et al.

Defense of alleged estate planning legal malpractice. Motion for Summary Judgment granted in favor of attorneys, resulting in dismissal of entire lawsuit.

Motion For Summary Judgment Granted
Larry Wagers v. Dr. Geoffrey Gold, D.D.S.

Defense of dental malpractice claim resulting from a tooth extraction.

Judgment for Defendant
8th Appellate Dist
Hendry v. Lupica, III

Appeal of summary judgment in wet basement case

Judgment Affirmed
Ohio Supreme Court
Elliott-Thomas v. Smith, et al.

Defendant appealed adverse Court of Appeals re allegations of intentional spoliation of evidence

Reversed and Remanded