Reminger’s Drug and Medical Device practice group handles the burden of litigation so that our clients can return to their core mission.

All too often, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies are faced with an onslaught of litigation brought about by adverse or unsubstantiated reports. Rather than focusing on how the drug or device has made countless lives better, many companies have no choice but to defend their products not only in the “Court of Public Opinion,” but also in a Court of Law.

Reminger’s Drug and Medical Device practice group recognizes this concern and handles the burden of litigation so that our clients can return to their core mission. We defend those who are dedicated to improving the quality of our lives. For that reason, we have a committed department of attorneys and support who are not afraid to handle even the most difficult cases.

Reminger is uniquely equipped to defend matters both regionally and nationally, across the country on a case-by-case basis and through the daunting process of multi-district Litigation. By using creative solutions, we are able to meet our clients' needs.

Our Service

Our group distinguishes itself from the competition in several ways:

  1. Dedication. Our practice group understands that litigation is not what our clients had in mind when they decided to create life-changing and life-saving products. We believe that our clients need to meet their lawyers, to whom they have transferred their trust. Nothing can replace direct contact to accomplish this objective. We contact our clients within 24 hours of receipt of an assignment, and then meet in person at the client’s location within the first two weeks so that a level of trust and confidence can be established from both sides. We believe that we are an extension of our clients' businesses, and it is through this approach that the best results are obtained.
  2. Philosophy of Practice. We believe in early collaboration with the client to determine the best approach to solve the needs of our client.
  3. Value. Through early assessment and evaluation, we continue to provide the best value for our clients in the legal community. Litigation is a cost that many companies do not factor into their annual assessments when developing business plans. At Reminger, we understand those concerns. Through such early assessments, experience has shown that litigation costs are reduced. Oftentimes, where payment is necessary, cases are even resolved at a lower cost.
    Years ago, Reminger pioneered alternative fee arrangements in litigation when it recognized that sometimes, the traditional hourly approach to file handling is not necessarily the best. This technique can be applied to even the most complicated of cases. For our clients who prefer a more traditional legal approach, we attempt to apply a net hourly rate, one which does not result in the “add ons” often seen, such as long distance telephone charges, faxes, computer usage research fees, and internal copy charges.
  4. Value-Added Components. We provide complimentary consultation for both clients and insurers, including assistance with in-service training for claims professionals. We provide counsel in areas such as loss prevention, case assessments, claim management and assistance with experts.



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