Reminger Co. LPA to host Advanced Probate Law Institute at Columbus Bar Association
Reminger Co. LPA to host Advanced Probate Law Institute at Columbus Bar Association

Reminger Co., LPA is pleased to host the first annual Advanced Probate Law Institute with the Columbus Bar Association. Please join our seasoned Estates, Trusts, and Probate Litigation attorneys for an in-depth review of the latest topics concerning complex probate disputes. This live CLE program will include lunch and a networking cocktail hour. You can also join us virtually by live streaming. 

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2022 Reminger Co. LPA Advanced Probate Law Institute - Reviewing All Aspects of a Complex Probate Litigation Dispute

Investigation and Economics of a Probate Case - Jessica Forrest, Esq. & Mary Kraft, Esq.

  • Investigating undue influence claims / considerations in determining whether to take on an undue influence case

  • What Does it Cost to Get a Probate Dispute to Trial?

Deposition Practice and Cross Examination: Proving (or Disproving) an Undue Influence Case - Adam Fried, Esq.

  • Utilize deposition transcripts and video clips to illustrate how to build or defend a case of undue influence through deposition practice.

Settlement Considerations - Adriann McGee, Esq.

  • Valuation of the case

  • Risk of loss

  • Considerations of bad and good facts

  • Client’s goals

Probate Litigation Involving Commercial Issues - Paul Shugar, Esq.

  • Review probate’s intersection with commercial issues with family businesses managed through a trust.

  • Case study of the sale of Denver Broncos

Probate Litigation Ethics - Nicholas Sebastiano, Esq. & Shana DeMooy, Esq.

  • Gathering Information and Responding to Requests

  • Preventing Estate Provisions

  • Working with Diminished Clients

  • Responding to Subpoenas

Guardianships, Pink Slips, and Involuntary Civil Commitments - Phillip Fierst, Esq. (Probate/Estate Attorney at Fierst Law Office)

  • Pink-slips

  • Involuntary Civil Commitments (and Forces Medications)

  • Guardianships: what they are, how they work, and how they overlap (or don’t) with pink-slips and involuntary civil commitments

View from the Bench - Benjamin Suffron, III – Probate Magistrate (Delaware County) & Kelly Green – Chief Probate Magistrate (Franklin County)

  • Hot Topics from the Probate Court such as Contested Guardianships and Discovery Disputes

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