After someone passes away, their will must be taken through the probate court system. The court will send notification to all potential heirs, including those who are included in the will and those who are not. This is the point at which will contests typically occur.

Was Your Loved One Incompetent When She Signed Her Will?

Do you have reason to believe your loved one's will should be contested? Has someone threatened to contest the will when they have no reason to? The Cleveland will contest attorneys of Reminger are here to help you sort things out and strive to see that your loved one's wishes are carried out properly.

Reasons for a Will Contest

Many reasons exist for will contests. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Another family member took advantage of the deceased's lack of capacity to have others written out of the will
  • A trusted caregiver was promised they would be a beneficiary for all of the work they have done to take care of the deceased prior to death
  • Undue influence was exerted on the deceased by another family member to get more than their fair share of the estate

Often, these issues are very clear. Other times, investigation is necessary. We will gather the necessary facts to determine whether a wrong has been done. We will dedicate ourselves to making things right.

A Question of Interpretation

While many will contests are the result of one person committing some sort of fraud or wrongdoing, others are simply the result of poorly written wills.

These are legal documents that need to be prepared carefully. If not done correctly, a will can include language that is open to interpretation. Of course, anything that is open to interpretation is also open to misinterpretation.

Our lawyers will put forth every effort to see that the will is interpreted properly.

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