The attorneys of Reminger's Probate and Trust Litigation Practice Group understand the devastating, emotional toll associated with the loss of a loved one. The decision-making process can be overwhelming, especially when high stakes are involved. Probate and estate administration are highly complicated areas of the law with intricate rules that must be followed before debts can be collected and assets distributed to beneficiaries. An experienced probate lawyer can help navigate the legal system and mitigate the potential for costly errors. 

Experienced Ohio Probate Litigation Lawyers

At Reminger, we have more than 100 combined years of experience guiding clients through Ohio's probate and estate administration systems. We have seen estate disputes erupt, even in closely knit families with no history of conflict. If someone was left out a will or inherited a different amount than expected, emotions can quickly spiral out of control. An experienced probate attorney can work past the maze of complications in pursuit of securing your best interests.

Our probate and trust litigation group members are seasoned trial attorneys who are comfortable taking a case to trial. While mediation or arbitration could be the right approach for certain situations, we also have a reputation as staunch advocates in the courtroom. Our team of litigators have effectively represented both plaintiffs and defendants when litigation cannot be avoided.  Because we operate as a boutique practice group within a larger firm, we can offer our clients an integrated approach that leverages knowledge and experience across other disciplines such as tax, real estate, corporate matters and insurance.

Benefits of Selecting Our Ohio Probate Attorneys

  • We know how to interpret complicated information: Estate planning documents can be misconstrued. For example, a trust may list two siblings but only identify one child for distribution of monetary funds. After pursuing further, we might uncover that one of the siblings used undue influence to have the trust rewritten in his or her favor. We know how to work through complex information to uncover evidence in our clients' best interests.
  • We know the subtleties of how to prove a case: Probate litigation often hinges on intricate details that can make all the difference in the outcome of a case. Our probate litigation attorneys have decades of experience and have questioned thousands of witnesses over the years. We know how to handle complicated cases based on our ability to uncover information that is not obvious.
  • We know how to calculate the value of a probate case: The decision to pursue a trial verdict or settle a case comes down to important financial calculations and probabilities. We know how to calculate the value of pursuing a trial verdict or settlement. We make these calculations upfront so you can make an informed decision before heading to trial.

Other Attorneys Refer Cases to Us

Our largest pool of probate litigation cases comes from attorney referrals. This is because we have a reputation as the largest probate and trust litigation practice group in Ohio, and have decades of experience focusing on probate and estate litigation matters, especially those cases with substantial financial implications. Looking for a Cleveland probate litigation attorney, or a Cleveland estate litigation lawyer? Looking for a Columbus trust litigation attorney or a Columbus probate litigation lawyer? You've found the right place.

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