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Individuals without the mental capacity to make decisions on their own are at risk of becoming wards of the probate court. This is a proactive measure sometimes necessary to protect incapacitated individuals' well-being.

When an individual is unable to make important decisions about his or her estate, another individual may be appointed to act in that individual's best interest. Even though the ward is being protected by probate court, he or she retains legal rights. Reminger works to protect the valuable rights of wards in Ohio.

Cleveland Attorneys Protecting Wards' Rights

We offer clients a hands-on approach. Each case is unique. We carve out valuable time working with guardians to make sure they clearly understand their role. Our law firm's proactive approach helps us establish effective guardianships. We carefully outline their responsibilities to reduce any uncertainties.

This is a complex area of the law. Guardians are expected to be fully involved in a ward's life without overstepping any boundaries. We try to limit concerns of elderly abuse through defining in plain English wards' rights, such as:

  • Right to a lawyer
  • Right to a medical exam
  • Right to protect their medical information
  • Right to petition for a change in guardianship

Wards who can prove they are mentally competent can request a guardianship to be terminated. We also have a strong background helping family members demonstrate that a ward would benefit from a conservatorship (limited guardianship). This is valuable for loved ones capable of doing certain things for themselves.

If you are concerned your loved one's guardian was in breach of fiduciary duty, we will vigorously seek to have the guardian removed from the estate.

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