When a loved one passes away, families are faced with many challenges. During this emotional time, disputes may arise over how an estate is administered. The law provides an opportunity to have estate disputes resolved; however, it only provides a very narrow window in which you can do so.

There are time limits.

We know what time limits apply to different situations. If you have a dispute about property distribution, trust payouts or any other estate matter, our Ohio probate statute of limitation attorneys can make sure your case stays on track.

Time Limits in Estate Dispute Claims

Time limits can vary greatly, depending on the scenario. If there is a conflict about the creation of a will, a beneficiary may only have a matter of months to take action. Reduced time limits may also apply to trusts and claims against a decedent's estate.

We encourage you not to take chances. Don't wait. If you believe the estate of a loved one is being mishandled, or if you have been cut out of a loved one's last will and testament, act immediately.

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