Rights of Beneficiaries

If you are a beneficiary, you have the right to information about your loved one's estate and how it is being administered. You have the right to know that assets are being distributed in a timely and proper manner. You have the right to fair and equal treatment.

If those rights are being violated, you have the right to take action. The Cleveland beneficiary rights lawyers at Reminger can help.

When you choose us, you will have the strength of a large law firm paired with the personal care of a small law firm. You will have an attorney with great depth of experience in beneficiary rights and estate disputes, one who will give your case the attention you deserve.

We Will Not Let the Rights of a Beneficiary be Violated

Our Cleveland beneficiary rights lawyers understand that the loss of a loved one can be a very emotional time. These emotions can lead to a variety of conflicts. As an example, we can help with the following situations:

  • A beneficiary is shut out of the property distribution process without warning
  • A long time has passed and there is no indication that the executor of an estate has begun the process of distributing property
  • After property has been distributed, a beneficiary finds out that the terms of the will were not followed properly

No matter how your rights as a beneficiary have been violated, you can be certain that our lawyers will stand by your side to get you answers. We will strive to set things right.

Your Right to Financial Information

You may have grown up in the dark about the details surrounding your parents' financial situation. This may have never changed, even as your parents started making important decisions about their retirement.

Beneficiaries Have a Right to Financial Information

A high percent of our clients don't know what happened to their parents' finances or how much money they are entitled to. We have more than 100 years of combined experience helping beneficiaries, and individuals who think they should have been a beneficiary, assert their legal rights. You may not know where to get started, but we do. We have the skills and legal resources to uncover information about your parents' estate, how it is being administered, and what assets are being distributed.

If your parents recently passed away, understandably you may have questions about their estate. Our beneficiary rights attorneys can help.

Your Right to Financial Information in Ohio Estate Administration

If your parents never brought you up to speed on how they would like their assets and debts handled, you may feel like you are trying to unravel a mystery. You may be left wondering were assets ever transferred or was there gifting involved. You might even be shocked to find that you were cut out of your parents' will and now want to understand why. Did your parents have the mental capacity to make decisions about their estate or were they possibly coerced ? You have a right to know this information.

The legislature in Ohio changed the attorney-client privilege recently out of concern that fiduciaries were using this as a shield to prevent people from finding out what happened to an estate. We offer strong advocacy and legal counsel to beneficiaries and individuals who think they should have been a beneficiary. We know the law, and we know how to obtain the information you are entitled to, even when faced with HIPAA complications. Our experienced probate litigation attorneys are prepared to work through a mass of information in pursuit of evidence that could answer the unknown.

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