Out-of-State Representation Attorney in Ohio

In this day and age, elderly people retire where they please, for a warmer climate, or proximity to grandchildren for example. Your siblings may be in another state, across the country or even in another country. Despite these advantages, family matters and cooperation can thereby become difficult.

When one child has power of attorney or is personal representative of the estate of a deceased parent, other family members may feel at a disadvantage. There may be paperwork you need to complete, hearings you cannot attend, and other very important rights and responsibilities. 

If you are involved in any probate or estate administration matter and you do not live in Ohio, we can provide representation while promoting your interests. Our services can make you feel like you are a participant in legal matters and processes, to the fullest extent that you want to be.

Our Ohio out-of-state representation lawyers use Skype and our video conference room to effectively communicate with clients. You will have a one-on-one relationship with your attorney and our promise of efficient and effective resolution to your legal matter. Whether you face an adversarial legal matter or simply need guidance and representation in Ohio, our Cleveland probate lawyers will be pleased to serve you.

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