Trustee is the term used for a person placed in charge of a trust. This person has a variety of duties to perform. The role can be complicated and challenging.

The Ohio Trust Code outlines how trustees throughout the state are required to fulfill their obligations. Our Cleveland trust attorneys understand the Code and how the courts interpret it. We can work with trustees to prevent violations and we can represent beneficiaries who feel that a trustee has violated the law.

If you need help handling a trust or if you feel a trust is being mishandled, our Ohio Trust Code lawyers can further investigate whether there is a case.

Preventing Ohio Trust Code Violations

If you have been appointed a trustee, you have an obligation to all of the other beneficiaries of the trust. The Ohio Trust Code outlines how you are required to fulfill those obligations. It outlines how taxes are to be handled, how debts should be addressed, how property is to be distributed and much more. We are here to help you follow the law.

Taking Action When the Trust Code has Been Violated

As a beneficiary, you have the right to expect that a trustee do their job properly. If you believe that a trustee has failed to meet his or her obligations or has violated the Ohio Trust Code, we can help you set things right. Our dedicated estate and trust lawyers are focused on handling estate disputes and trust issues. We are frequently consulted to handle these cases, so we have a great depth of experience. We have seen nearly every scenario that can arise, so you can be confident that we have the knowledge to handle your case.

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