For many people, the aging process comes with many challenges. Elderly people may be faced with dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke or other medical conditions. These conditions may prevent them from having the mental capacity to make decisions on their own.

Unfortunately, this lack of capacity opens a window of opportunity for unscrupulous people. These people may exert undue influence to make themselves beneficiaries of estates. This is one of the major reasons for will and trust contests. 

Our Cleveland lack of capacity attorneys will listen to your concerns and help determine if someone took advantage of a loved one's lack of capacity. We will take action to protect the proper beneficiaries.

Who Takes Advantage of a Loved One's Lack of Capacity?

Our Cleveland estate litigation lawyers are specifically focused on handling will and trust contests, including those that involve a lack of capacity or undue influence. That means we know how to handle these matters. Unfortunately, it also means that we have firsthand experience about who may do this.

We have seen brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, neighbors and friends do deceitful things simply to gain favor in a will or trust. Our Cleveland probate litigation attorneys know that it may be hard to believe that someone you care about would take advantage of your loved one. We know how to get to the bottom of these activities and make things right.

If you have any reason to believe wrongdoing has occurred, you have the right to ask questions. We know the questions to ask. We know how to look carefully to see whether or not wrongdoing has been committed.

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