Financial abuse of elders can take many forms, from small check forgery schemes to major life insurance fraud issues. These cases can be complex and challenging to sort out.

At Reminger, you will find a team of Cleveland financial elder abuse protection lawyers committed to resolving these matters. Because this is what we have dedicated our careers to, we have the depth of experience to take on even the most difficult case involving financial elder abuse. We get results.

Who Commits Financial Abuse of the Elderly?

Our Cleveland financial elder abuse protection attorneys have seen many people commit financial abuse against elder people. Commonly, we see:

  • Caregivers who have been placed in charge of an elderly person. These can include in-home caregivers who force an elderly person to sign over real estate or nursing home staff members who forge checks to take money from residents.
  • Businesses taking advantage of the elderly. Many unscrupulous businesses will take advantage of elders in vulnerable positions to take their money.
  • Family members. Unfortunately, most of the cases we have seen involve sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and other family members committing some sort of forgery or fraud to take money from an elderly person.

Who Can Help?

Many people who believe that financial abuse is being committed against an elder loved one don't know for sure. You have the right to find out. We can help.

We know the places to look and the questions to ask. If we determine that financial abuse is being committed against your loved one, we know the action to take to set things right.

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