Ohio Farm and Land Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

A family farm is defined as one in which the ownership and control of a farm business is held by a group of individuals, related by blood, marriage or adoption. Assets might include a home, land, barns and other buildings, agricultural equipment, and livestock. Priceless sentimental value is also tied to a family farm, as oftentimes ownership has been handed down and carried through generations. What happens when one of those family members who has ownership of the farm passes away, and the beneficiaries are at odds? What if you think a deed transfer was incorrectly handled? Our team of probate litigation attorneys has decades of experience handling these types of legal matters.

Ohio Farm Inheritance Attorney

We handle disputes over inheritances involving family farms and land. Our farm inheritance dispute lawyers can pursue a will contest or trust contest in order to get answers to your questions. Was the deceased a victim of undue influence or elder exploitation?  Were probate assets concealed

Heirs in Family Farm Inheritance Disputes

Maybe your sibling was the only one who worked on the farm and inherited it in full, what are your options? Maybe a stepfather or stepmother is trying to undermine the deceased’s final wishes, what is your recourse?

There are millions of acres of farmland in Ohio, with recent sales reflecting more than $10,000 per acre. Farm disputes are personal, but they are indeed high stakes as well.  If you suspect that your family’s farm estate is being mishandled, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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