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Behavioral changes in senior citizen can be revealing. If your loved one has become withdrawn or hesitant to talk openly, do not overlook changes in their personality. Even a slight behavioral adjustment could be an indicator that someone close to your family member is manipulating him or her.

Our Cleveland elderly exploitation attorneys are committed to protecting your loved one. Often, caregivers, neighbors, or other family members exploit senior citizens for a financial advantage — this is elder abuse. We are an aggressive estate litigation law firm prepared to stop the direct or indirect deceit of your loved one.

Protecting Elderly Abuse Victims in Ohio

Over time, you might notice changes in your loved one's personality leading you to become concerned. In other situations, family members discover barriers between themselves and their loved one, possibly from a caregiver making their family member less accessible.

We are well-versed in carefully listening to concerns of elder abuse. Each situation is different. We offer a hands-on approach to understand the factors causing you to become concerned, such as:

  • Re-titled bank accounts
  • Forged financial documents
  • Changes in spending habits
  • Secret financial discussions
  • Alleged abuser becomes overly protective of your family member

Exploitation involving elder care is emotionally-draining and complicated to prove. Often, elderly abuse starts with a family member or close family friend trusted by an elderly individual. For example, a senior citizen might name a trusted friend as their power of attorney to make legal or financial decisions for them. Powers of attorneys have taken advantage of their position to benefit themselves.

We have a strong background developing compelling legal arguments focused on protecting the victim of exploitation from predators. We are also prepared to contest a trust or handle a will contest to protect your loved one's intentions. Our attorneys will aggressively fight to safeguard estates in probate.

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