Unfortunately, family members may often manipulate others for their own financial gain. Family members are willing to create an emotional divide that could last a lifetime.

We Help Victims of Estate Fraud in Ohio

While our Cleveland estate fraud attorneys may not be able to heal the emotional damage that is caused, we can at least strive to set things right legally and financially. We can help if someone has fraudulently handled the estate of a deceased loved one, or if someone has accused you of committing estate fraud.

Our lawyers are dedicated to handling estate disputes. We know that these issues, especially when estate fraud is involved, can be very complex. These matters are what we focus on. This is not something we do on the side.

When you choose us to address an estate fraud concern, you can be confident that - even if your issue seems unique - we have handled something similar and we know what to do to pursue positive results.

Types of Estate Fraud

Estate fraud can be extremely subtle. It can also be incredibly obvious. Some scenarios include:

  • A person using a power of attorney to misappropriate finances
  • A person physically destroying or hiding a will so that a deceased person's wishes cannot be followed
  • A person exerting undue influence resulting in a change of beneficiary designation

If you have any reason to suspect wrongdoing, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can investigate further.

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