After your parents passed away, did you discover some of their assets suddenly missing? Were you promised a substantial amount of money in your loved one's will but are yet to receive anything? If you believe the intention of an estate has been compromised, obtain experienced legal representation.

Fighting Back Against Assets Wrongfully Concealed

If you believe your inheritance has wrongfully been kept from you or you think one of your relatives took heirlooms without any permission, entrust our probate litigation attorneys to preserve the intentions of the estate plan. We have the skills and legal resources to uncover assets that may have gone missing.

Learn How We Can Preserve Assets in the Estate

Assets from an estate should not suddenly go missing. If you are unable to track down personal or business assets, you may have an estate fraud claim to pursue. Contact our Cleveland concealment of probate attorneys to learn how we can protect and preserve the estate in question.

Seeking to Uncover Concealed Assets in Estate Fraud

Our estate litigation attorneys have decades of experience handling disputes over will contests and trust litigation. This is a highly complicated area of the law hinging on thorough investigative work to determine if anything has been concealed from an estate. We often consult forensic accountants and other industry-leading experts invaluable in helping us follow a detailed trail of financial transactions, written correspondence, and other key pieces of evidence. Our legal team evaluates every angle possible to understand if:

  • Monetary assets were concealed
  • Business property was hidden
  • Estate executor has failed to disclose an asset in the estate
  • Relatives wrongfully took family heirlooms without permission

Our experienced probate litigation attorneys have the skills and legal resources to make sure the assets in the estate are accounted for and properly distributed. All of our estate litigation claims are prepared with enough evidence to prove fault in trial. We will work with you upfront to help you understand if pursuing a settlement or trial verdict would be in your best interests.

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