As loved ones grow older, many reach a point at which they can no longer care for themselves or make decisions for themselves. At this point, the appointment of a guardian may become necessary. A guardian will have legal decision-making power about medical and financial matters.

Led by Timothy Gallagher, the guardianship lawyers at Reminger can assist with the process of a guardianship appointment. We can also stand by your side if guardianship removal is necessary due to mishandling of the position.

Appointing guardianship

When the time comes that a guardian needs to be appointed for an elderly loved one, the issue can be heavily disputed. There may be competing applications for guardianship. The matter may need to go to court or trial to decide who will be guardian.

Our Cleveland guardianship attorneys have handled complicated disputes involving emergency / temporary guardianships and competing guardianship applications. We clearly understand how the process works in Cleveland and the surrounding parts of Ohio. Our goal is to resolve the matter quickly and cost-effectively. We want to help you appoint a guardian who will be right for you and your family.

Terminating Guardianship

Unfortunately, the person appointed guardian may not have your loved one's best interests at heart. Instead, they may give priority to their own interests. They could even use their position for their own financial gain.

If you suspect that a guardian is abusing their power, we have a strong background guiding clients through the legal process of terminating guardianships. We also vigorously protect guardians facing false allegations. 

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