Do you believe that the person given power of attorney for your loved one is manipulating your loved one or their assets? Our Cleveland estate litigation attorneys know how to investigate these issues. If we find evidence of abuse of a power of attorney, we know how to take action to make things right.

Types of Abuse of a Power of Attorney

There are two general types of powers of attorney: a health care power of attorney and a financial power of attorney. The same person may hold both or they may be delegated to two people.

Abuse of a financial power of attorney is also referred to as breach of fiduciary duty. The person placed in charge of finances fails to properly manage them. They may simply be negligent, or they may be manipulating their position for their own financial gain.

Abuse of a health care power of attorney can also be done for financial gain or may simply be done to exert control. The person in charge may force an elderly family member into a nursing home in order to sell the house, for example.

What Our Estate Litigation Law Firm Can Do

Our Cleveland estate litigation lawyers are ready to take action against people who abuse their position when granted power of attorney.

We know the steps to take to have a person removed from the position and have a new person appointed. We also know what to do to right any wrongs that have been committed by a person abusing powers of attorney.

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